Two Charlotte County (FL) Sheriff's deputies and a bystander pulled a man from the burning wreck of his car Saturday.

“When I get out of the car, I can hear him yelling for me, hey I’m on fire, I need help,” Deputy Garrett Parrish told MySunCoast. “So I get over there, he’s lodged in the car pretty good. His seat belt was wrapped around his neck and his shoulder.”

Parrish, a 3-year member of the force would eventually get help from Deputy Bryant Vasquez and a bystander. A pocket knife was used to cut the seat belt and a fire extinguisher was used to put out the flames on the man. He was pulled out of the burning vehicle with just seconds to spare.

The man remains in critical condition. Parrish, Vasquez and the bystander who helped are okay. Parrish is being very modest about his heroic actions.