Phoenix Police Officer Tyler Moldovan continues to make great progress as he recovers after being shot eight times on duty in December, his wife reports.

Officer Moldovan's wife Chelsea posted video of the officer moving his right hand, 12News reports. In the Instagram post, his wife wrote that his right side was affected most.

Moldovan can now squeeze and lift his hand, pick up weighted bean bags, throw a ball across the hallway, and ride a stationary bike. His wife wrote on Instagram that this was his second time on that stationary bike. The first time he did it, he rode 5 minutes with his left leg doing 100% of the work. She wrote that he rode it for 14 and a half minutes this second time, and 5% of the work was done on his right leg too, which once had little to no movement.

Moldovan was given little chance to live, but recent updates show miraculous progress. “Thank you to Chelsie (Officer Moldovan's wife) for continuing to keep us updated and posted on Tyler’s road to recovery is what I’m going to call it,” said Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams. On Monday, she addressed Moldovan’s injury and others after an unusually high number of officers have been shot, AZFamily reports.