A Hatboro, PA, police officer is not expected to recover from a bee sting that left him incapacitated last year, family members announced over the weekend.

Officer Ryan Allen suffered a heart attack and then a serious brain injury after he was stung by a bee on October 14, 2021, ABC6 reports.

"We have been told by his medical team there is no chance that he will recover in any meaningful way," Whitney Allen, the officer's wife, wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. "We have made the extremely painful decision as a family to have Ryan discharged from rehabilitation on hospice care to spend his remaining days surrounded by loved ones and friends in a peaceful setting close to our home."

Officer Allen has been on the force since 2013. He helped start Hatboro Police Department's first police K9 program and has served as a member of the Montgomery County Drug Task Force, ABC6 reports.

Officer Allen's family has launched a GoFundme campaign to help them raise funds for his care. At presstime, the campaign had raised $111,000.

Whitney Ryan wrote on the GoFundme page: "When Ryan finally returns home, he will require 24/7 skilled nursing care, but our family was recently informed that it is very unlikely that 24/7 nursing care will be approved by insurance. Our family will therefore have to independently fund the remaining hours of skilled nursing care Ryan requires due to his current condition. Our family also needs to build a private space adjacent to our home for Ryan to reside and be taken care of by nursing staff that is accommodating to his disabilities. Any donations received will go toward both providing skilled nursing care to Ryan when he gets home and the private space for Ryan which serves his needs."

She told ABC6, "He's in what they call a 'disorder state of consciousness.' He's out of the coma, but he's not aware of his surroundings."