The New York Police Department promoted the rookie officer who returned fire in the Harlem shooting that killed two fellow officers. The police commissioner presented him with shield #332 — symbolizing three brothers from the precinct, she explained.

Officer Sumit Sulan returned fire on the gunman who ambushed and fatally shot Officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora during a domestic dispute call in January.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said Tuesday morning that the actions of Sulan were heroic that fateful night in the face of danger, CBS New York  reported. She posthumously promoted Rivera and Mora to detective

“There was a third officer there that night he is police Officer Sumit Sulan. He responded with his two partners to what was supposed to be a routine call, a family dispute. It turned into a gun battle,” Sewell said. “When the shooting started, Officer Sulan directed the mother and brother into the kitchen to shield them away and advanced toward to hallway where the gunman had opened fire, taking him down as he prepared to open fire again.”

“Like his partners, he is an example that police officers are ordinary people called upon to do extraordinary things and they often do, risking everything,” Sewell added.

She said Sulan’s action likely saved the lives of other officers responding to the call.