Like a lot of Chicago police officers, Lieutenant John Cannon recently got a degree from the UIC Law School, formerly know as John Marshall Law School. But now he’s suing the school, alleging they profiled him because he’s a white cop.

Cannon says the UIC School of Law damaged his reputation and his career after he complained about emails from the dean related to George Floyd’s murder, Fox 32 reports.

Cannon said when he asked not to be sent any more messages, he was told by an associate dean, "I could withdraw from the law school or drop out of classes if I wanted to."

Cannon says it got worse when a fellow law student hacked his Facebook account and began attacking him anonymously on Twitter, re-posting his conservative political memes with added commentary.

Cannon says after 23 years on the job, he’s now being disciplined by the police department and is under investigation by the city's Civilian Office of Police Accountability. He believes any chance for career advancement is now gone because of the school’s actions.

The law school declined to comment.