A Kingsville, TX, police officer shot in the line of duty Monday evening remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit at a Corpus Christi hospital.

Officer Sherman Benys was shot just after 5 p.m. Monday while responding to a domestic dispute in Kingsville, Texas.

On Tuesday, Kingsville police released more details in that shooting and the charges now faced by the 40-year-old suspect.

The man police say opened fire at responding officers, along with one relative at the scene, was 40-year-old Alfredo DeLeon.

Benys and one other responding officer shot back, KIII reports.

Police said DeLeon now faces three counts of Capital Murder of a Peace Officer or Fireman Inchoate, and one count of Attempted Murder. Kingsville police said "inchoate" refers to an attempt at a crime despite its outcome.

3News reached out to defense attorney and legal expert Matt Manning, who clarified that the charge roughly translates to "attempted capital murder."