The Atlanta Police Department has released video of an officer being struck by a vehicle the morning of Oct. 6 while documenting a crash scene on I-75. The officer was seriously injured.

APD said on Facebook that it was releasing the video to urge drivers to move over when they see emergency lights, Fox 5 reports.

The video shows Officer Randerson taking pictures documenting a crash scene that was moved to the right-hand shoulder of the busy interstate.

As he is about to take a photo, Officer Randerson is hit by a car. The video shows chaos for the next five seconds in quick flashes.

"The oncoming vehicle was traveling too fast for the wet conditions and lost control as it approached the area of the accident," the Atlanta Police Department wrote on their Facebook page about the incident. "The driver who rammed into Randerson was cited for going too fast for conditions."

For how bad the video looks, police said it could have been so much worse.

"We are grateful that Officer Randerson is in the healing process. This could have ended so much worse. This incident is a reminder of the many dangerous situation’s officers can and do encounter each day and how grateful we should all be for their service," Atlanta police wrote. "We are proud of the work our officers do and are mindful of their bravery."