A 25-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department says that progressive policy changes and the deterioration of law and order in many cities have sent a clear message to perpetrators: "Crime pays."

Deon Joseph, who was speaking to Fox News in his capacity as a law enforcement consultant and not a member of the force Thursday, said that message has been received loud and clear, especially in his home state, where Prop-47 drastically lowered criminal penalties for infractions such as theft and drug use. He pointed to video of a T.J. Maxx in California essentially being looted in slow motion as people walked out unfazed with bags full of merchandise.

"Crime does pay right now across this country. Criminals know that they have the green light to pretty much do what they want to do because we're in an era where we coddle criminals instead of holding them accountable," Joseph said Wednesday on "The Story." 

"When I meet with individuals and say you're telling me this stuff, telling me you're getting robbed and telling me you're getting beaten and you're telling me you're getting extorted, why haven't you called? Because we know your hands are tied. We know they're going to be out tomorrow – It does no good."

"This social justice movement is doing a complete disservice to people of color in the end," Joseph concluded.