Santa Ana, CA,  police chief is facing a no-confidence vote from his officers, according to the officer union.

Santa Ana Police Officers Association President Gerry Serrano says the union is moving forward with a vote of no confidence in Santa Ana Police Chief David Valentin, though the date of the vote hasn’t been made clear.

The Orange County city's spokesperson Paul Eakins, in a written statement, said “City Manager (Kristine) Ridge stands behind Police Chief Valentin’s leadership and his ability to ensure our community’s public safety,” Voice of OC reports.

It comes as the union, under Serrano, has taken issue with Valentin and his department’s administration over a number of issues, laid out in two recent legal claims — and a complaint against the chief — which the union says it has filed with the city.

In the claims, the union lambasts the department for an alleged pattern of misogyny and discrimination inside the department toward unnamed women employees; and alleges Valentin and his administration were untruthful in recent lawsuit depositions around the investigation and employment case of an officer.

The potential no confidence vote also comes as Serrano himself has been the subject of scrutiny over his leadership of the union.