Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown is promising action on gun violence after meeting with President Joe Biden Monday at the White House.

"He (Biden) expressed a concern regarding a sense of urgency to do something now, and not just to discuss the problem but define solutions that we all could bring to the table that we could do almost immediately," Brown said Monday.

He also mentioned the police department will release details of a new plan in the coming days, ABC7 reports.

The White House said the group's discussion focused on the Biden administration's strategy to reduce gun crimes and other violent crimes, encouraging state and local governments to use funding from the $350 billion in the COVID relief package to combat the violence. President Biden said that money could be used to hire more police officers, and also to add resources for community violence prevention groups.

Brown used the fatal shooting of 31-year-old Londre Sylvester, a Chicago rapper, to make a point.

Sylvester's fiance had posted bail Saturday at Cook County Jail for his violation of bail in a 2020 gun case.

Two men fired dozens of shots when he emerged from the detention center. There were 59 fired shell casings found in the street.

Brown said by the time Sylvester died, he had 22 arrests, including seven felonies, and a tattoo on his neck "kill to survive."

The police superintendent said it's a shame Sylvester's prior convictions didn't keep him detained.