The husband of the driver who caused a wrong-way crash that killed two San Diego police detectives says he believes his wife was suffering from a medical issue related to diabetes.

Darrell Daniels, husband of Sandra Daniels, broke his silence on Tuesday, the same day a procession was held as the bodies of Detective Ryan Park and his wife Detective Jamie Huntley-Park were transported from the coroner's office to the mortuary.

Daniels said his family is devastated, telling News 8, "Gosh, I'm so sorry. We're so sorry if we could have done something to prevent the loss of those police officers."

Daniels, a retired Navy officer, said his wife had diabetes and was at the Balboa Naval Medical Center getting insulin that morning. He believes she got lost driving and ended up on the wrong side of the highway due to her sugar levels possibly spiking or being too low.

He said she was not suicidal, adding there's no way she could have done something like this on purpose.