(Commentary from Retired Minneapolis Police Lieutenant Kim Voss)

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I was a lieutenant with the Minneapolis Police Department, assigned to the Third Precinct. I had been a police officer in Minnesota for 37 years. I use the words "was" and "had been" because effective this month, I am retired.

I did not retire because I wanted to retire, despite many thinking 37 years was enough. I didn't feel as if I was done just yet. I still had a mission to complete and that is what makes leaving difficult.

I don't know how to respond when people congratulate me on my retirement or thank me for my years of service to the community. I want to scream "This isn't what I wanted to do," and "Don't thank me."

While our leadership held us back and we remained unsupported by our state, our city and our police administration, our neighborhoods burned. We felt helpless. And to add insult to injury, they gave up our home, and called it "just bricks and mortar."

It wasn't just bricks and mortar to us.

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