A week after former police chief Jerry Dyer was sworn in as mayor, the City of Fresno welcomed Paco Balderrama as its new police chief Monday.

"I see an opportunity here, I see a challenge here," Balderrama said. "I see for great things to happen. I believe in five to 10 years, Fresno is going to be a much different place and if I can play a small role in it, that's a life and a career well lived."

The 44-year-old comes to Fresno by way of Oklahoma City, where he served as Deputy Chief, ABC30 reports.

Mayor Dyer believes Balderrama has what it takes to lead the force during these challenging times

"I know what a great police chief looks like, and I know the commitment it takes in order to be a great police chief," Dyer said. "Chief Balderrama has that commitment and he has what it takes to be a great police chief."