5.11, Inc. announced today that it is pursuing the feasibility of incorporating antiviral fabric treatments into its Wash-And-Wear uniform offerings with the intention that the new line of products would be marketed as Wash-And-Wear Plus.

The new product line would include many of 5.11’s best selling items such as the 5.11 Stryke Patrol Duty Uniform series of pants and shirts and the Performance Polo series for both men and women.

While 5.11 has been using antimicrobial technologies developed by its partner suppliers over the years, this is the first time it has researched incorporating antiviral properties into its products, the company says, adding that it is the first brand in the public safety space in the United States to take the step to incorporate antiviral technologies into its products.

“5.11’s business is based around servicing our front line workers. In these unprecedented times, we are working hard to find solutions to provide customers with the higest level of innovation and technology,” said 5.11’s CEO Francisco J. Morales. “In light of the COVID pandemic, more has been demanded of our front line workers this year than ever before. We are committed to elevating our game in order to provide them with the apparel and gear they need to feel safe while on the job.”

“The technology has proven successful in other applications and we are pursuing its application in our 5.11 professional line of products while navigating regulatory and certification requirements,” said Matt Page, 5.11’s vice president of global product. “While certification standards will take some time to establish, we anticipate commercialization of the products could be completed as soon as the end of 2020.”

For additional questions or interest in wear testing 5.11’s Wash-And-Wear Plus product offering with antiviral fabric applications, contact [email protected].