A woman who was arrested by an officer with the Phil Campbell (AL) Police Department has saved his life by donating a kidney to him after she recovered from drug addiction and a life of crime.

According to Fox News, Officer Terrell Potter (now retired) arrested Jocelynn James nearly 10 years ago, changing her life and putting her on a path toward wellness.

Between 2007-2012, James was arrested 16 times for theft and drug charges.

James said, "I was just living a really bad life, doing a lot of really bad things that I shouldn't have had no business doing, and I was just a really lost person."

James said Potter saved her life by arresting her and leading her to turn her life around.

James saw on Facebook that Potter needed a kidney and went to be tested to see if she was a compatible candidate for donation.

After a series of hospital tests, James learned that they were a perfect match.

"If you asked me 100 names of who may give me a kidney, her name would have not been on the list,” Potter said.