Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall has resigned after a turbulent three years leading the department.

City officials announced Monday they had accepted her letter of resignation, which was supposed to go into effect on November 10. Later, City Manager T.C. Broadnax said he asked Hall to stay until the end of the year to help implement police reform initiatives and she agreed.

Hall’s resignation letter makes allusions to the challenges the department has faced. Hall previously gave herself a “C-“ grade in how she handled the protests after the death of George Floyd, including the incident on the bridge, Fox reports.

“These past three years have been saturated with a series of unimaginable events that individually and collectively have never happened in the City of Dallas,” Hall wrote.

A Dallas police union leader said the city's officers want new leadership.

"The far majority of officers are very happy, and again, this is nothing personal against Chief Hall... but we all knew, and we have all known for a long time, that we are a rudderless ship, that we've lost direction and that we're losing water," said Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata on Monday. "I wish no ill will toward her, we’re just at a point where we’ve got to do better than we are doing right now. We owe it to the citizens."