After a Kansas City, MO, woman donated 100 of her last dollars to the family of a critically wounded police officer, local police started a GoFundMe to help her.

Shetera Sims told Fox 2 she’s no stranger to hard times. With only $7 in her pocket, she recently tried a scratch-off ticket and won $100.

Sims said her daughter, Rakiya, came up with the idea of donating the winnings to the family of a Kansas City officer who was shot in the head on July 2.

Sims and her daughter felt for the officer — and police in general — for personal reasons.

Sims’ daughter, Karyia, was murdered in 2012. Sims said police solved the case and were supportive the whole time.

Kansas City police, have since set up a GoFundMe account for Sims and local media has publicized it. As of Wednesday afternoon more than $65,000 had been raised.

“To hear her call and just express thanks for no reason … it’s really impactful to us,” said police Sgt. Jake Becchina.

On Monday, when the fund had less than $10,000, Sims said she was grateful and planned to use the GoFundMe money raised for her to catch up on bills. She can probably do much more now with the more than $65,000 that is now in the fund.

The wounded officer is reportedly recovering.