Flying Cross, a leader in the design and manufacturer of public safety apparel and gear, has announced that it is working to provide law enforcement with uniform solutions during the coronavirus outbreak.

The company said, many public safety uniform needs have changed as officers have had to shift roles to fill department requirements, as well as change personal hygiene and uniform care habits to protect themselves in the field.

“This is a critical time for all of our frontline first responders working in our communities during this coronavirus outbreak,” said Tom Rose, GM of Public Safety, Fechheimer Brothers Company. “Their care and safety is, and has always been, our number one concern, in conjunction with their local dealers servicing their uniform needs. We are fortunate to have the industry’s largest in-stock inventory to be able to step up in a big way to help identify the products our customers need–and need right now.”

Flying Cross carries more than $38 million of product inventory and uniform solutions for law enforcement, fire and EMS, mass transportation, the U.S. Postal Service, and many other adjacent industries. Because the company stocks so many uniform programs, many law enforcement agencies have reached out directly and through their distributors for help with current and immediate uniform needs.

“Many of the first responder roles are considered 'essential' amid state-issued stay-at-home orders,” said Rose. “Roles that previously did not operate in the field on a daily basis now require daily duty uniforms to help fill gaps for the department. All of these roles have a greater risk of exposure on a day-to-day basis.”

Cleaning methods and cleaning frequency have also added to the need for uniform solutions. Many departments are choosing to purchase uniforms that offer easier maintenance and long term durability such as Cross FX and Cross FX Elite, the company said.

Officers' exposures to coronavirus in the field has generated new habits. Possible exposures have led to officers changing their uniform garments more frequently throughout the day. Uniform garments that once were acceptable to clean once a week now may need to be cleaned daily to minimize the spread of any possible contamination on clothes.

With travel limited in many states, and many organizations choosing not to receive visitors, Flying Cross has converted its sales team and extended customer service to help field customer questions and inquiries. To inquire about uniform needs for your agency or department call (800) 543-1939, or visit