The chief of police in Portland (ME) took to social media on Thursday evening to let residents know that one of his officers has tested positive for COVID-19—colloquially known as the coronavirus.

Chief Frank Clark posted on Facebook, "I unfortunately have to report that we’ve learned that a veteran officer in our department has been diagnosed with COVID-19. We are in touch with the officer, who is currently quarantined outside of the state. In addition to our desire to support that officer, we remain focused on ensuring both the health and safety of the other 220 members of our agency, as well as ensuring continuity of operations and the high level of service to which our community has become accustomed."

The post continued, "During this very fluid situation, please know that all components of our department and city government are focused and coordinating on this response."

With the exception of the lobby, the police department has been closed to any non-city employee and the communications center has been closed to non-communications staff.

The chief concluded, "Make no mistake, however, your police force and its employees remain strong. I could not work with a more professional group of problem solvers. They are up for this challenge and are at work and ready to continue to serve and protect this great city. We will continue to work together, both as a team and WITH our community, protecting and watching out for each other, as we carry out our mission and commitment to the city of Portland, while doing our part to end this pandemic."