Former NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo—who was fired by Commissioner James O'Neill on Monday—intends to sue to get his job back.

According to the New York Post, the 13-year veteran was earning a base salary of $85,292 a year when he was suspended without pay on August 2, amid the investigation into the death of Eric Garner in 2014.

On Monday, Commissioner O'Neill said that it was "an extremely difficult decision" to fire Pantaleo but said that following the public outcry over Garner's death and the additional public disappointment over the decision by the U.S. Department of Justice last month to not bring civil rights charges against Pantaleo, that he "can no longer effectively serve as a New York City police officer."

Patrick Lynch—president of the New York City Police Benevolent Association—blasted O'Neill's decision, saying "he has chosen politics and his own self-interest over the police officers he claims to lead."