NYPD patch
 - Image: NYPD/Facebook

NYPD patch

Image: NYPD/Facebook

The New York Police Department is surveying officers about the effectiveness of its mental health services.

The 22-question survey was sent out Thursday—one day after the ninth NYPD officer committed suicide this year. The survey was also circulated a week ago, police sources said.

Officers are being asked how familiar they are with the department's counseling services, and how comfortable they are using those services, reports the New York Daily News.

"The department is in the process of developing comprehensive Health and Wellness initiatives to meet the needs of NYPD staff," an intro to the survey reads. "We want to foster change in how mental and emotional health is perceived and how to obtain health."

The survey—which the department says is voluntary, anonymous, and confidential—also seeks to break down its respondents by gender, demographics, experience, education level, and prior military service.