The parents of the gunman who reportedly shot and killed his 22-year-old sister and eight others on Aug. 4 in Dayton, OH, have apologized for posting an obituary of the 24-year-old assailant calling him a "funny, articulate and intelligent man with striking blue eyes and a kind smile."

According to BBC News, the couple posted the remembrance to the website of the funeral home that handled his burial, but removed the post when the press and the public expressed anger at the fact that the post didn't even acknowledge the murders he committed before responding police officers shot and killed him.

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"He was an avid reader, enjoyed swimming, was a Boy Scout, was in his high school marching band, played Xbox games and loved watching the Fox animated show Bob's Burgers," the posting said

Stephen and Moira Betts issued a statement that said the obituary for Connor Betts was "insensitive in not acknowledging the terrible tragedy that he created."

They said they wanted to reflect the son they knew and weren't trying to "minimize horror of his last act."