Authorities are investigating after a woman who was already under arrest reportedly violently attacked a Georgia police officer, reports Fox News.

Police said Officer Jeremy Cook, of the Conyers (GA) Police Department, was about to escort the woman identified as 26-year-old Brianne Croswell inside the Rockdale County Jail Apr. 29 when things escalated.

Croswell, who's from New Jersey, allegedly asked the officer for help with her shoes, then tackled, punched, and bit the officer while slipping out of her handcuffs.

"I grabbed her other sandal and that’s when she hit me on the side of my face with the handcuffs in her hand and took me down to the ground," Cook said.

The two struggled for what Cook said seemed like five minutes. His body camera and other equipment went flying.

"Once we hit the ground, that's when she reached for my TASER. I put both of my hands on her hands and she bit me on the forearm," Cook said. "My face was very swollen. I had two big knots on the side of my face."

Croswell is now facing three felonies, two misdemeanors, and jail time.