A Baltimore County Police officer was shot Thursday afternoon responding to a suspect with a gun call. The suspect is dead.

Police told CBS Baltimore a female officer was shot in the upper body and taken to Shock Trauma. Officials said the officer is suffering from non-life-threatening injuries.

Baltimore County police officers responded to a home in Parkville, MD, for a 911 call about a suspect in the home with a gun. As they entered the home they had an encounter with the suspect. Shots were fired.

Baltimore County Police told the Baltimore Sun Friday that the officer may have been wounded by "friendly fire." They report the suspect, identified as 76-year-old Robert Uhl Johnson, did not fire his gun, although he reportedly pointed the weapon at officers. There is some speculation Johnson may have placed the call that led the officers to respond.

“They went into the house, knocked on the door looking for the homeowner who had called, and they were confronted by a man with a gun who started shooting at them, and they returned fire,” Baltimore County Police Chief Terry Sheridan said.

The officer who was wounded is the daughter of the police chief of the Sarasota Police Department in Florida.