Following Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s banning of "warrior style” training for Minneapolis police, an online training program will be offered free to all Minneapolis police officers.

On Wednesday, an exclusive partnership was announced between “Law Officer” and the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis to provide the training online. The training includes officer survival, leadership, fitness, deescalation and emergency vehicle operations, CBS reports.

Our Opinion: Banning Warrior Style Training

In response to the training announcement, Mayor Frey released a statement.

“We have adopted this new policy because proper training on use of force and de-escalation is of paramount importance. Officers found to pursue any training that conflicts with MPD’s training and has not been preapproved will be subject to discipline,” Frey said.

Frey’s policy change, which was effective Thursday, April 18, will require Minneapolis police officers to obtain approval from Chief Medaria Arradondo or his administration to pursue external use-of-force or deescalation training.