A motor officer with the Arlington (TX) Police Department used some quick thinking to get the assistance of a passing driver of a tractor-trailer truck to help save the life of a distraught and suicidal teenager perched on a freeway overpass.

According to Fox News, Motor Officer Deric Sheriff was working not too far from where the teen was reportedly contemplating jumping and rushed to the scene. There, he began looking for a truck tall enough to do the job of preventing the boy from falling to his possible death.

Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson said on Twitter, "We had some help from a big rig this morning as a teen was contemplating jumping from an overpass. APD Motor Officer Deric Sheriff was instrumental in directing the truck driver before the teen jumped & later landed on the trailer. Excellent crisis intervention to help this teen!"

Sheriff—who used to be a truck driver before becoming an officer—told Fox News, "That's the whole reason 99.9 percent of us got in this job is to make a difference and to help."