OPS Public Safety has announced the release of its new product, The MAXX Slide, a full-extension roll-out system designed for emergency response vehicles. Agencies can now add the MAXX Slide with any drawer application into their van, pickup truck, or SUV for maximized storage space.

"We are excited to launch the MAXX Slide to our product line. We've already seen how this application is changing the way agencies think about setting up their mobile workspaces," says Shane Lawrenson, Director of Business Development at OPS Public Safety.

OPS Public Safety now offers cabinet packages for Police, SWAT, CVE, Fire, EMS, and other public safety agencies to make it easy for them to select an application when upfitting their fleet. OPS Public Safety's wide range of modular storage solutions—including its weapon drawer, equipment drawer, closet storage, whiteboard drawer, shelving cabinets, and storage compartments—can be added to the MAXX Slide to create a solution that is configurable to agencies' needs.

The MAXX Slide is available in 65", 70", 75", and 90" adjustable lengths, and features a locking mechanism at multiple points for safe and secure rolling, easy one-hand operation, and powder coat finish for extra durability.

If you are looking for a configurable roll-out solution for your SUV, pickup, or van, find the full details on the company's website at: http://opspublicsafety.com/maxx-slide-series-2/.