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President Donald Trump delivered remarks to the Major County Sheriffs and Major Cities Chiefs Association Joint Conference in Washington on Wednesday, saying during his speech that "the wall is coming."

"As we review the new proposal from Congress, I can promise you this—I will never waver from my sacred duty to defend this nation and its people," Trump said. "We will get the job done. The wall is very, very on its way—it’s happening."

President Trump hasn't ruled out the possibility of declaring a national emergency if he doesn't get sufficient funding for a border wall in the currently proposed legislation. Such a declaration would allow him to bypass Congress to unearth money to build the wall by executive fiat.

The issue of building a wall along the US-Mexican border caused a record-long 35-day shutdown that ended late last month.

According to Fox News, President Trump has until Friday to sign the proposed agreement that would avoid another government shutdown.