A second Texas police officer was arrested Tuesday in connection with a double homicide in New York last month, reports the Dallas Morning News.

Sunray police Officer Bron Bohlar, 34, and former Sunray police Chief Timothy Dean, 32, are charged in the fatal shootings of 24-year-old Amber Washburn and 28-year-old Joshua Niles in their Sodus, NY, neighborhood.

Officials also charged Dean's wife, Charlene Childers, 25, who has two children with Niles. He had gained custody of the children just days before the slayings, WHAM-TV reported.

The Texas Rangers had already arrested Dean and Childers on child abuse charges, Wayne County, N.Y., Sheriff Barry Virts said. The children are now with a family member.

Virts said Dean traveled to New York to kill the couple while Childers and Bohlar remained in Texas. Childers went to New York to attend the vigil and was arrested afterward.