Mike Blake Jr.—found guilty of the attempted murder of Officer Cory Goldstein of the Charleston Police Department—has been sentenced to life without parole.

Blake had acted as his own lawyer—although he did have a public defender at his side in case he wants legal advice—during the proceedings.

On Thursday, Blake took to the stand in his own defense and gave his testimony in court where he claimed he shot Goldstein in self-defense.

Goldstein, who no longer works for the Charleston Police Department, took the stand Tuesday to recount the night of the shooting. He told the jury that during the foot chase, Blake kept looking over his shoulder to see how close Goldstein was to him.

Goldstein said that after Blake had stopped, he ordered Blake not to move, and Blake responded, "You don't move [expletive]," and opened fire.

The judge sentenced Blake to life under the three strikes law as Blake was previously convicted of drug charges, according to WCSC-TV.