Field Contact is a great and useful app for law enforcement, and its claim that it's created "by law enforcement, for law enforcement" shows in the set up. The function and design is "cop proof," and the steady stream of developments and upgrades shows the developers desire to make this an app that will truly assist in the field. The simple search field and passcode makes it secure and easy to use.

The app claims that it's the "most convenient way to document, save and send your field-contact information. Field Contact makes it simple to enter all pertinent ID information directly to your iPhone, including names, addresses, vehicle information, aliases, or location of incident. It also includes advanced search features to recall stored contacts.

Rather than fumble with a pen and notepad or worry about remembering to take your camera out in the field with you that day, simply use Field Contact as the perfect tool to digitally capture all aspects of your contact."

Field Contact has its own Website as well as a Facebook page that's "liked" by more than 400 members. The developer appears to follow the blog and Facebook page closely, and often takes time to respond to each individual inquiry and request. When a user makes a request or suggestion about how the app could function better, the response is often that it's in the works, or they will attempt to include that in the next upgrade.

The app has only been iPhone compatible since it came out, but as of May, the Android version was being field-tested by 14 police officers in the United  States and Canada. The app has been updated so it's compatable with Apple's release, earlier this month, of its new iOS 5.

Due to demand and upgrades, the once-free app now carries a somewhat hefty $4.99 price tag. Speaking as one of the original users of the app, I think it's worth the price. It's a tool that I use in the field quite often.

Field App Review         Ratings (of 5)
Name Platform Developer Price   Usefulness Ease Support Value Overall
Field Contact
Apple qBlueprint $4.99   5 5 4 4 4.5

Paul Witten is a police officer for a private university in central Virginia