Building on 911EP’s signature low-profile design that maximizes aerodynamics and minimizes fuel use, the Armor Holdings company’s new Galaxy line of LED light bars offers modular flexibility with a customizable variety of sizes and color combinations to choose from.

This innovative system, which 911EP calls Galaxy MTO (Made to Order), allows you to configure a lightbar that not only meets your department’s color and pattern preferences, but one that also meets its budget requirements. Available in stock sizes of 48, 54, and 60 inches, base modules on the leading and trailing ends can be interchanged to create combinations of LED colors, blanks, and up to 400 watts of onboard halogen takedown lights. Choose combinations from red, amber, blue, and white LED lights.

Custom lengths greater than 60 inches are also available in six-inch increments. An integrated traffic director/warning light in the trailing edge and 110 watts of alley light power—55 watts per side—ensure you’ll have the right lights for the right situation. Yet the lightbar, in all its configurations, still conforms to both SAE and Title 13 Class I requirements.

In addition to these features, the Galaxy Elite also comes with up to 30 reprogrammable flash patterns, CAN 2.0 communications technology, and the ability to integrate with future technology.