Electronic Services Agency’s in-car digital video package is a completely portable system that can be used with four to 16 cameras and allows officers in the field to download video and audio to a remote PC via Wireless Local Area Networks. The system’s X200 Digital Video Recorder is used with the included removable Hard Disk Cartridge to record from multiple video and audio sources. The X201 Reviewer is used for on-site reviewing of video/audio recordings and to configure the optional menu settings of the X200 Digital Video Recorder. The removable Hard Disk Cartridge is connected to a PC (via USB kit) to analyze, copy, or archive video/audio recordings and to download new operating software. The X200 Digital Video Recorder also records audio and features low power consumption, a full vibration mounting system, proprietary MPEG format, 25 images/second, and four levels of resolution. The removable hard disk cartridge holds up to 100GB. The system includes GPS, LAN/WLAN, password protection, flexible menu system with help screens, and allows for rapid search of recordings. A three-year warranty is included in the system package.