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Tech giant Apple is "creating a dedicated team to help train law enforcement officials around the world in digital forensics," according to a letter obtained by CNET, a website that reports on the technology industry.

Apple said in the letter that the company is "developing an online training module for police that mirrors Apple's current in-person training," according to CNET.

"We are building a team of professionals dedicated to training law enforcement officers globally, which will significantly increase our ability to reach smaller police forces and agencies," Apple said, according to AppleInsider.com.

"This will include the development of an online training module for officers," the company said. "This will assist Apple in training a larger number of law enforcement agencies and officers globally, and ensure that our company's information and guidance can be updated to reflect the rapidly changing data landscape."

The company is also working on a web portal—set to be operational by the end of 2018—where law enforcement officials can submit and track requests for data.