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Officers from the Barrie Police Department in Ontario, Canada responded to a local restaurant when some concerned citizens spotted a man they believed to be driving under the influence pull into the parking lot, according to BarrieToday.com.

A man driving a pick-up truck pulled into the parking lot of the Tim Horton's and attempted to reverse into a parking spot, according to a Barrie PD press release.

While reversing the truck the man struck a light post. The driver then pulled forward to adjust and again reversed into the light post a second time.

He exited the vehicle and witnesses saw the man stumble into the store, exiting a short time later.

One witness confronted the man, demanding that he surrender his keys.

The 65-year-old Shanty Bay man was arrested and taken back to the Barrie Police Service where his blood alcohol levels were recorded at over double the legal limit, according to police.