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According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Tony Danza—who serves on the Board of Directors for NYPD's Police Athletic League—will return to acting in a role as a "disgraced" ex-NYPD cop who was fired for chronic violations of departmental policy.

Danza's character's son—played by singer and occasional cameo actor Josh Groban—is the exact opposite of his father, assiduously following every policy to the letter.

According to a Netflix press release, "this 'odd couple' become unofficial partners as Tony Sr. offers his overly cautious son blunt, street-wise advice on everything from handling suspects to handling women."

The show's creator—Andy Breckman, who is also responsible for bringing TV viewers the show "Monk," about a San Francisco Police homicide consultant with an obsessive compulsive disorder—aims to make the new show a "buddy cop" program for family viewing.

"Many cop shows feature dark and provocative material," Breckman wrote in a statement. "The show I want to produce is playful, family-friendly, and a celebration of old-fashioned puzzle-solving."

The new Netflix series The Good Cop is an adaption of an Israeli series of the same name. It debuts on Friday, September 21.