The Axon Fleet 2 system was announced. Photo: Leslie Pfeiffer

The Axon Fleet 2 system was announced. Photo: Leslie Pfeiffer

Axon today announced its second generation in-car video system, Axon Fleet 2. The product, unveiled at the third annual Axon Accelerate conference, incorporates a variety of upgrades in direct response to feedback from law enforcement users. Axon Fleet 2 will ship in the third quarter of 2018.

The Axon Fleet 2 system includes redesigned front and back cameras and retains its predecessor's cloud-connected architecture for an easy to use and intuitive in-car system. Axon Fleet 2 features include:

  • High-definition video system with wide field of view, zoom, infrared for the back seat and wireless microphone integration
  • Intuitive mobile data terminal app, Axon View XL, for quick tagging, uploads and more on the fly
  • Ability to efficiently categorize, play back and share all video alongside other digital files on
  • Multi-cam playback, for reviewing up to four videos, including body-worn and in-car footage, at the same time
  • Best-in-class install times and quick remote troubleshooting

"A major benefit to rolling out Axon Fleet 2 is that the upgrades from Axon Fleet 1 were almost entirely based on feedback from law enforcement," says Ryan Simpson, Support Services Division Manager at Grand Prairie Police Department. "Our agency prides itself on using the most up-to-date technology in order to better serve our community. Axon offers us exactly that."

Axon developed its in-car video system as a streamlined, connected approach for law enforcement to securely share critical video evidence. The cloud-based product allows users to capture and upload video footage directly to, which is hosted on the Microsoft Azure secure cloud platform. The integration of Axon Fleet 2 with is designed to eliminate the need for DVRs and other outdated, bulky hardware found in standard in-car video systems.

"Axon Fleet 2 builds on our promise of a connected network of devices and apps designed with considerable customer feedback," says Axon CEO and founder Rick Smith. "The combination of our in-car video system and wearable technologies allows even more visibility into a situation so officers can get to the truth faster and manage their videos efficiently."

Axon has shipped more than 5,000 of its first generation Axon Fleet systems. Customers include major city agencies Fort Worth, New Orleans and Virginia Beach police departments.

The Axon Fleet 2 solution is $129 per month over five years and includes two complete sets of hardware and an license with unlimited storage. For additional details, visit