Fechheimer Brothers Company, a global leader in the design and manufacture of uniform and lifestyle apparel and gear, has been named the 2017 Supplier of the Year by Curtis Blue Line. Supplying Curtis Blue Line with products from both of their premier brands, Flying Cross and Vertx, Fechheimer partners with one of the nation's largest distributors of police wear and tactical gear. This recognition marks the second consecutive year Curtis Blue Line has named Fechheimer Brothers Company as their Supplier of the Year.

"We are honored to again be recognized as Curtis Blue Line Supplier of the Year. We love working with the Curtis Blue Line team who is fully focused on serving public safety professionals in its communities," said Bob Getto, President and CEO at Fechheimer Brothers Company. "Providing these professionals with great service and quality products is what it's all about, and teamwork between our two companies is a key."

Curtis Blue Line is a dedicated resource for law enforcement equipment, uniforms and tactical gear. Through online distribution and six operational brick and mortar centers, Curtis Blue Line provides services to law enforcement agencies and fire departments across the nation. The organization says it supports public safety agencies by delivering products and services that exemplify their core values of Quality, Service, Integrity, and Caring.

"It is with great pleasure that we announce Fechheimer has been selected as the Supplier of the Year award winner for 2017," said Jeffrey R. Curtis, Chief Operating Officer for Curtis Blue Line. "The entire Fechheimer organization has been involved in providing the high quality product and high quality performance that is required to receive this award. All of us at Curtis Blue Line are extremely grateful for the strong and growing relationship between our firms."

Together, Fechheimer and Curtis Blue Line serve the public safety market.

For more information regarding Fechheimer Brothers Company, visit the company website at www.fechheimer.com.