Acting Albany Police Chief Robert Sears responded on Monday to a now-deleted Facebook post — penned by Union Vice President Greg McGee — that was highly critical of Chief Sears and Mayor Kathy Sheehan.

According to the Times Union, the social media post said that the department is understaffed, underfunded and officers are working with equipment that is out of date or doesn't work.

The post also criticized the city's relationship with Albany Cure Violence, an anti-violence group in the city.

In his written statement, Chief Sears said, "It is true that the department is short officers and that several units are depleted. We are going to canvass the new civil service list as soon as we receive it and plan to hire a large class of recruits in October."

Chief Sears concluded, "I do not like to go public with internal issues but rather deal with them face to face, but Greg McGee has decided to hide behind the keyboard and social media rather than come to me."