Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome and Police Chief Murphy Paul held a joint news conference Tuesday to explain to the public the next steps in the investigation of the Alton Sterling shooting following the state attorney general's announcement that his office will not charge the officers.

Broome began by expressing condolences to the Sterling family. She said it was "unfortunately lengthy, bureaucratic process" leading up to Louisiana Attorney Jeff Landry's decision to not charge the two police officers involved in the shooting. She added Landry’s decision is "not the last word" in the case.

Broome promised citizens they will act swiftly as the Baton Rouge Police Department begins its internal investigation into the case, WAFB TV reports.

"The people of this parish have been civil in their reaction to a long and frustrating process from federal and state authorities and now of course citizens of this parish have every right to peacefully and publicly protest," she said. "Calmly and legally exercising first amendment rights is always acceptable in this parish but acts of violence and lawlessness are not."

"It is the Baton Rouge Police Department’s turn to review this case," Paul said. "Our examination will determine if any policies or procedures were violated during the incident. It is our goal to have a disciplinary hearing completed by this Friday."