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The next chief of the Los Angeles Police Department is going to have to answer a lot of different demands from a variety of players in the city.

He or she will face calls to: Reduce crime. Increase transparency. Build trust in police. Motivate officers. Crack down on problem officers. Tackle homelessness. Curb shootings by police. Put more officers on the streets. Stay away from immigration enforcement. Continue police reforms, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The distinct, often-competing needs of a city as vast and diverse as Los Angeles were underscored during the Police Commission's recent listening tour, on which members of the LAPD's civilian oversight panel canvassed residents about what they'd like to see in their next police chief. Their list of demands was long.

The series of meetings offered the first public glimpse at some of the Los Angeles Police Department insiders who are weighing whether to apply, but it also illustrated the challenges ahead for whomever is chosen.