H&H Medical Corporation, a leading provider of emergency trauma products, has acquired the right to produce the SWAT-T elastic tourniquet from TEMS Solutions, LLC. The addition of this product will expand H&H Medical’s line of “Stop The Bleed” products available to military and civilian customers worldwide.

The SWAT-T was developed by a former operator/medic with 14 years of experience in operational medicine. The SWAT-T's proprietary elastic design gives the product the ability to treat a variety of injuries, ranging from minor to life-threatening. With its instructions printed on the product itself, the SWAT-T is easy to use. It can be used on children, adults, and pets to control major bleeding.

The SWAT-T is being carried by military personnel, EMS, law enforcement, contractors, and prepared citizens (individually or as part of active shooter kits). It is carried by many first responders as their primary emergency response product, and they use it as a pressure dressing, all-purpose wrap, and a primary or back-up tourniquet.

“We consider ourselves very blessed that we have been able to take the SWAT-T from concept to the market in such a big way. It has proven itself in the literature and in the field, and it continues to save lives. It remains the most affordable solution that is proven to work, and has also proven to work in some situations where the others fail. We are delighted that the good people at H&H will take what we have started to the next level,” said Dr. Stephen B. Blankenship, SWAT-T inventor and president of TEMS Solutions.

“We are proud to add the SWAT-T to our complete product line of emergency trauma products and Stop The Bleed bleeding control kits,” said Paul Harder, president of H&H Medical. “The SWAT-T has been proven effective with numerous lives saved. We look forward to bringing the SWAT-T to more customers who want to be prepared when they need to respond.”

About H&H Medical Corporation 

Since 1982, H&H Medical Corporation has been dedicated to solving complex problems facing military and civilian responders. Recognized as a leading supplier of innovative pre-hospital trauma products, H&H Medical Corporation manufactures and distributes such products as the Bolin Chest Seal, H-Bandage compression dressing, H&H Compressed Gauze, and Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit. For more information, visit http://www.gohandh.com.

About TEMS Solutions LLC 
  TEMS Solutionsbegan in 2007 as a training company for U.S. Special Operations medical personnel. While providing this training TEMS has identified specific shortcomings in training and equipment for the tactical environment. The SWAT-T was developed to fill a void as TEMS was trying to solve the problem of other tourniquets being single-use, complex and single-purpose devices. TEMS Solutions brought the SWAT-T to the market in 2008.