Pizzas were piled high at police stations, sandwiches showed up at hospitals, and plates of barbecue and tacos were dispersed among first responders on Monday as Las Vegas chefs immediately came together to feed the victims, families, and medical staffers following Sunday night's deadly shooting.

"The outpouring has been instantaneous and intense," Eric Gladstone, a local publicist who has been helping coordinate donation efforts, told Today Food. "Las Vegas has this reputation of being a cold-hearted town—an 'all-for-me' town. This shows that's just not true. It's a really caring community."

Now, thanks to the efforts of Las Vegas-based writer Jason Harris and Jolene Mannina, a local hospitality industry professional, chefs across the city are coordinating spaced-out deliveries among hospital and precinct shifts, in an effort to aid what may be a long recovery process for locals.

"For sure, there is a healing quality to food. It has the unique ability to bring everyone together—it transcends politics, everything," Gladstone added.