Elizabeth Snyder, the bereft wife of slain St. Louis County Officer Blake Snyder, reflected on her husband's death in an emotional Facebook post on the anniversary of the tragedy, reports the Missouri Network.

Officer Snyder was shot at point blank range on October 6th, 2016 while responding to a disturbance in Green Park, MO.

Officer Blake Snyder (Photo: St. Louis County PD)

Officer Blake Snyder (Photo: St. Louis County PD)

"One year ago…

"I was awakened shortly after 5am to a phone call from my brother. Why would Justin be calling me so early? It hadn't clicked yet. All he said was, 'Elizabeth, you need to get yourself up and get Malachi ready to leave because I'm on my way to pick you up. Something's happened to Blake.' It still hadn't registered in my brain that something serious was going on.

"Ok, ok. Put some clothes on. Put my hair up. Packed the diaper bag. Then it hit me. Call Justin back. 'What happened to him? Tell me, Justin. Tell me right now.' He wouldn't. So I just figured Blake was injured. That was it.

"I will NEVER forget that ride. Racing down 270 at 120mph, practically flying. And then Justin gets a call as we are pulling up to the hospital. And I could see it on his face. My love, my closest friend, my confidant- was gone. Just like that. Shock took over my body. That day is still a haze. I remember seeing him, not being able to touch him because of the crime that was committed. I didn't even get to hold his hand one last time. I didn't get to kiss him, or hug him. Or be close to him. He was taken away from me, and all I could do was cry.

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"Today marks one year since the worst day of my life. And I feel like it was yesterday. As I go over that day in my mind, all I can think is- if there was less hate in this world, maybe he would still be alive. If there was more compassion and understanding in this life, maybe he would still be alive. I don't think I'll ever fully understand why God allowed this to happen. Maybe when I reach Heaven, I'll know. But by then it won't matter, because I'll get to hug him again. We will laugh together again. And I can hold him again. But until then, I'll be patient. I'll be strong. And I will continue his legacy by raising Malachi in the way he would have wanted. We will make it. We will."

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