The following is an excerpt of a column in the Washington Times by Paul Davis.

As a writer, I’ve gone out on patrol with police officers, accompanied narcotics squads on drug raids, observed detectives investigating murders and other crimes, and I’ve interviewed police commanders and commissioners in station houses and police headquarters.

I’ve witnessed how police officers are treated with suspicion, spite and scorn by some. But I’ve also witnessed crime victims and frightened citizens who were relieved and comforted by an officer’s presence.

There is a growing anti-cop campaign in the country that unfairly labels all police officers racists, crooks and murderers. The campaign includes public rants, violent protests, excessive lawsuits, political posturing and unflattering portrayals in popular culture. And too often, this anti-cop crusade leads to the murder of a police officer, as we’ve seen in New York, San Antonio, Washington D.C., and other cities around the country.

In my view, there is nothing more dangerous than a cop killer. The criminal, terrorist or political activist who is willing to take on an armed police officer and murder him or her will not hesitate to kill anyone, anytime, anywhere. A cop killer is a total outlaw and a true menace to all of us.