This year, Snipercraft celebrates its 25th year producing SniperWeek, which will take place in St. Petersburg, FL, Apr. 5–8, 2017. SniperWeek is a unique training event for police and military snipers. It combines two days of comprehensive classroom lectures and presentations with two days of intense, job-related range training and competition. SniperWeek is recognized as the largest, and longest running police sniper training event of its kind in the world, according to the organization.  

Educational Seminar - April 5 & 6

Two days of presentations focusing on topics of importance to today's special operations personnel. The presentations made at this seminar represent state-of-the- art training and current, pertinent information for snipers, team leaders and administrators. Topics this year include first-person incident debriefings, legal issues and protections in use of force incidents, physical fitness, and training issues. Operational preparedness and protection against liability are among the key issues addressed during every seminar. Attendance is open to all police and military personnel. If your agency has a SWAT team, or is contemplating starting one, you need to attend.

Snipercraft Challenge - April 7 & 8

This is not a contest, or a world championship. Nor is this to be confused with your basic bullseye benchrest course. This is a competitive sniper training event. It is a chance for any sniper to gauge his readiness to operate in the real world of tactical deployments.

The emphasis is on training. The Snipercraft Challenge is a unique course, designed by and for police snipers. Using actual sniper incidents as the model, each phase incorporates documented realism. The result is a practical series of intense live-fire exercises, set up to test your fitness, equipment, teamwork, problem-solving, communication skills, ability to perform under a variety of stressors - and your marksmanship. Exactly like the next time the pager goes off. This is an opportunity to validate your preparation.

Participation is open only to active, certified police, corrections and military personnel.

Competitors will consist of two-man sniper/observer teams. Single snipers will be paired up at the tournament. There is a 60 team limit. Registration deadline is March 1, 2017, or when we reach our team limit, whichever comes first. Due to space limitations, early registration is strongly advised. Spots are not confirmed until payment is received. No-shows cannot be refunded. Substitutions are accepted.

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