VIDEO: Tennessee Trooper Assaulted During Traffic Stop, Video Goes Viral

A man punched a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper Friday night during a traffic stop, and many on Facebook are using video of the incident to promote support for law enforcement.

Trooper William Matsunaga pulled over a vehicle and was in the middle of conducting a sobriety test with the driver on Demonbreun in Nashville, TN. Witnesses noticed the passenger in the car, David Snodgrass, seemed unruly and would not stay in the vehicle as instructed by Trooper Matsunaga, reports

According to the arrest paperwork, Trooper Matsunaga warned Snodgrass many times, which prompted him to arrest the man for public intoxication. Witnesses saw an argument break out and one began filming it on his cell phone. In the video you can see Snodgrass break free from the trooper and throw a punch. The brawl continued into the busy streets. A nearby security guard stepped in to help detain Snodgrass.

The video is now going viral on Facebook among law enforcement supporters with the hashtag #BlueLivesMatter.