The Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday found that officers were justified in shooting an unarmed man in Los Feliz last summer who had a towel wrapped around one of his hands, reports the Los Angeles Times.

A report released Tuesday revealed new details about the high-profile case. Minutes before he was shot and gravely wounded, Walter William DeLeon told a witness to call 911 and tell the operator he had a gun, the report said.

DeLeon, a father of two, was struck in the head and permanently injured.

According to a report Chief Charlie Beck submitted to the commission, a witness called 911 two minutes before officers saw DeLeon walking toward their patrol car, which was stopped in traffic along busy Los Feliz Boulevard.

The caller told a California Highway Patrol dispatcher that a man, later identified as DeLeon, "just walked by me and said, 'Call 911. Let them know I'm walking down the street, and I have a gun in my hand,'" according to the report.