A petition has been launched opposing the San Francisco Board of Supervisors' declaration of a day of remembrance for a stabbing suspect and convicted armed robber Mario Woods. Last Tuesday the Board unanimously approved Woods' birthday of July 22 as “Mario Woods Remembrance Day in San Francisco.”

The board's action has angered California law enforcement officers who point out that Woods was suspected of slashing a random, innocent person when he was stopped by San Francisco officers on Dec. 2. He also ignored numerous commands from the officers to drop the knife and shook off the effects of OC spray and four beanbag rounds before he was shot. Video from the scene shows Woods moved toward bystanders with the knife before the officers opened fire.

The shooting has sparked protests and calls for the San Francisco PD's chief to be fired. At the request of the mayor, the shooting is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice.

In an e-mail to members of the San Francisco Police Officer's Association (SFPOA), association president Martin Halloran attached a link to the petition. The petition has also been sent law enforcement officer associations nationwide.