VIDEO: Chicago Commander Acquitted of Brutality Charges

A Chicago police commander has been acquitted of all charges for allegedly shoving a gun in a suspect’s mouth two years ago, reports CBS Chicago.

Cmdr. Glenn Evans had been charged with two counts of aggravated battery and seven counts of official misconduct, for allegedly shoving his gun in the mouth of 25-year-old Ricky Williams, and pressing a stun gun against Williams’ groin, after a foot chase in 2013.

Cook County Judge Diane Cannon said Williams’ testimony about the alleged brutality was wildly inconsistent, and not believable. She noted Williams could not identify Evans in a lineup, and only ever identified him by name, which he admitted getting from the Internet with the help of his girlfriend.

Stephan Blandin, who represents Williams in a civil lawsuit against Evans and the city, said they will push forward with the federal lawsuit against Evans.